Catch up with birds: a semi roadtrip

Sunday was a beautiful day and we decided to visit some friends studying in Gippsland (Gippy referred to by those who make weekly commutes from Melbourne). It was a hot relatively warm day with plenty of sunshine. By semi road trip I mean we got back to Melbourne on the same day and it didn’t involve any singing in the car, packing frozen food into an eskie or getting lost. It was more like in and out, if you know what I mean.


We arrived at Three Little Birds Cafe in Traraglon just in time for brunch and after a 2 hour drive, I was not the only one feeling famished. The menu was comprehensive, but I quickly decided on my usual eggs on toast with sides, while the others went for brunch classics.

Poached eggs on multigrain sourdough with bacon, wilted spinach & tomato relish


Iced coffee


Smashed avocado with poached cherry tomatoes & feta on toast


Smashed avocado with mushrooms & feta on toast


Eggs Benedict on English muffins & mushrooms


Eggs Benedict with salmon 


Steak sandwich with chips


It was an enjoyable meal in a small town and a quirky little cafe, where people probably thought we were tourists. It’s incredible how many conversations can go on at once and   we stayed there for about 2 hours catching up on each others’ lives – serious topics included threading eyebrows, new cosmetic products & upcoming sales.

The drive back was relaxing (I wasn’t driving) and I caught these snaps:




Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!


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