Addict Food & Coffee

On a lazy sunny afternoon, over some refreshing ice latte and scrumptious food, Chasing Spark became our blog. We envision it to be a mixture of life, fashion, travel and anything that makes our lives spark. Just like the name of this blog, we seek new and exciting things in life and will share these with our readers, hoping to inspire those wanting to get a bit more out of life.

autumn days

One of those exciting things today was the discovery of a new eatery, Addict Food & Coffee in Fitzroy. Between us, we had some crunchy corn fritters with haloumi cheese and a delightful char grilled corn and white bean salad. The flavours went extremely well together, not to mention the fantastic presentation. With great vibes, this is a highly recommended cafe for a lazy weekend brunch whilst enjoying a catch up with friends or family.

Addict Food & Coffee

Addict Food & Coffee

Addict Food & Coffee

Top: Corn fritters with haloumi, kasundi & poached eggs

Middle: Ice latte & Mocha

Bottom: Char grilled corn & white bean salad with roasted vegetables, poached eggs, fried polenta & beet puree 

Addict Food & Coffee

Addict Food & Coffee


Home time. After a satisfied meal, we roam the sun dappled streets of Fitzroy wondering past shops with vintage pieces, pot plants and stone dinnerware.


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